Chain Harrows

New trailed chain harrows from 4ft to 20ft manufactured by Hackett, these harrows consist of a draw bar and a chain harrow section, the sections are 4ft and 6ft, different widths are achieved by using multiples of sections, ie a 10ft harrow is made up of a 4ft and a 6ft harrow section, a 12ft harrow is three 4ft sections, and so on with drawbars to match, all prices are plus vat, these harrows are sent by pallet delivery, delivery from 50, we are located close to Gatwick Airport, below are examples, any combination available, ideal for quads compacts etc, please call 07771 882766 for more details, buy it now is 4ft heavy grass harrow 4ft trailed The harrow sections are available in the following formats, widths 4ft to 20ft and choice of 4 types of harrow, below are some examples Heavy Grass Harrows 13mm Diameter Tine 4ft drawbar 76 section 237 Medium Grass Harrows 11 mm Diameter Tine 6ft drawbar 111 section 309 Chain and Spike 13 mm Diameter tine 10ft drawbar 161 section 667 Concorde Flexible Harrow 13 mm Diameter Tine 12ft drawbar 181 section 891

Chain Harrows Chain Harrows

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